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Slot Machines for Sale Ohio

Slot Machines for Sale Ohio

Slot machines for sale Ohio is legal. There are many companies located in Ohio that sell slot machines. Most are professional but some are not. Since most machines are shipped unseen, make sure the contract is written and a warranty is included. Do not pay more for an extended warranty because one year is more than sufficient. Most component failures happen within the first 3 months. Shipping is hard on the machine often causing most of the problems if they exist. Professionals do an excellent job safeguarding the machines from damage during shipping. If a component breaks, the customer ships the component for repair, not the machine. All components are plug and play, very easy to remove and replace. The most costly slot machine component is the LCD screen which averages $400 but they rarely break.


Purchasing slot machines can be cumbersome because most are ordered online. Most customers prefer to play the machine before buying it for peace of mind. Being able to play the machine prior to purchase is not the risk though, lack of product support is the risk. Slot machines do not come with manuals therefore the company becomes the manual. If the company refuses guidance after the purchase, the customer is forced to look elsewhere. A good comparison would be a car, purchasing the car is simple, driving it requires classes. Slot machines are designed to have errors much like a pinball machine. Bumping a pinball machine causes a tilt error but it self corrects. Slot machines do not self-correct. Shoppers are best served by companies that answer the phone AFTER the sale.

1 Year Limited Warranty
Professional packaging and insured shipping



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