Wild Cherry Slot Machines

Wild Cherry slot machines exude the very essence of classic slot machine style and format. The graceful double cherry swoop logo on the front case of an original Wild Cherry slot machine will immediately fill your game room with a true casino feel. To complete the experience, line up three cherry symbols and collect 10,000 tokens from a Wild Cherry slot machine.

Wild Cherry slot machines come with either square tops or round tops; both have the distinctive logo. Play the maximum number of tokens to win the maximum jackpot. Players get a little slack from Wild Cherry machines. A 1,000 token payout hits the coin tray if the cherries settle within one line of the main playline.

Variations of Wild Cherry Slot Machines

The double cherry logo spawned several Wild Cherry variations including Double Wild Cherry, Cartoon Wild Cherry and Triple Cherry. Triple Cherry pays three times and nine times the standard jackpot amounts. All Wild Cherry machines feature the logo, one-arm bandit pull levers and the bonus within one line extra. Nine and 16-inch versions are available in almost all styles. Most are preset for quarters or quarter-size token play.

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