Used Token Slot Machines

The federal government does not regulate the private ownership of used slot machines. Each state drafts its own laws covering the personal ownership of gaming devices. Laws concerning individual purchases of slot machines thus vary greatly from state to state. The only tenet consistent throughout all states is the prohibition against private citizens buying used slot machines for gambling purposes.

Some states allow their residents to own any type of slot machine; others don't allow any personal ownership at all. There are states that allow individuals to own slot machines only if they have been retrofitted to accept a token rather than a coin or bill. Before starting the hunt for a slot machine check with your state, with your county and with your city to see what the laws about slot machine ownership are.

Look for a Vendor Who Can Retrofit Used Token Slot Machines

There are vendors who will ship used slot machines into any state. Many vendors will only send slot machines to states with no prohibitions whatsoever. Most state requirements can be met with relative ease. Gamblers Choice ships slot machines anywhere in the continental United States. If your state has a token law, Gamblers Choice has technicians on staff who can change out the coin acceptor in favor of tokens. The machine will then meet the state's token-only mandate.

Contact Gamblers Choice by telephone at 937-260-1300 to discuss state-specific slot machines or questions about token size. Technicians will also be happy to answer questions by e-mail at You can also access the Gamblers Choice online contact form--just click here.