Used Slot Machine Tokens

Making an investment in used slot machine tokens adds that extra zing of Vegas to your home gaming experience. Your state may allow personal ownership of a used slot machine but prohibit a machine that accepts actual coins. Some states prohibit machines that can even be configured to accept money.Token size has an impact on machine maintenance and token cost. Quarter-size tokens are your best bet. Half dollar and dollar tokens are heavier. Heftier tokens cause more wear on the coin acceptor. Larger tokens are also more expensive. Problems with coin acceptors are the number one problem most home slot machine owners encounter. Lost playing time due to token problems will be minimal when you can count on 24/7 customer service from a trained technician at Gamblers Choice. Consult Gamblers Choice for advice on tokens and any other used slot machine questions. A trained technician can be reached by phone at 937-260-1300.