Used Las Vegas Slot Machines

Slots continue their reign as the Las Vegas game of choice. Now you can enjoy the exhilaration of having your own authentic, used Las Vegas slot machines. You may even be able to pick up the exact model you gravitate toward on the casino floor.

Remember, however, that used slot machines can't be employed for gambling anywhere in the country. In many places, they can be used for charitable non-cash gaming or recreation. Check with your local authorities for the ordinances which govern slot play in your state.

Know the Truth about Used Las Vegas Game Machines

You will hear lots of tall tales once you begin the hunt for a home slot machine. Salesmen eagerly cajole you with stories about the famous people who played their slots or the enormous inventories they have on hand. Don't believe everything you hear, however, because the machines change hands at least once between most slot vendors and the actual casino floor. Vendors have little knowledge of who specifically played any Las Vegas slot machine. Also, slot machines are large and heavy. Having an inventory of hundreds of machines hardly seems possible or practical.

Gamblers Choice takes pride in its limited but choice inventory. It will never try to dazzle you with claims of who played on a particular machine. Gamblers Choice will instead win you over with their honesty and service. Browse the Gamblers Choice website to view current stock. Questions can be handled online at or on the telephone at 937-260-1300. Technicians will also respond to requests through the online contact form--just click here.