Triple Diamond Slot Machines

Triple Diamond slot machines by IGT exhibit the flair and playability that are the company's hallmarks. They are designed for optimum entertainment value while being easy to maintain and tough to break. A Triple Diamond slot machine may be just the ticket for both those who want only one machine and those who are starting a collection.

The basic Triple Diamond machine boasts eight winning combinations and has a five coin maximum bet. The jackpot can be multiplied three or nine times. Original machines are available with nine- and 16-inch screens with either flat or round tops. Building on the Triple Diamond foundation, IGT developed an extensive line of enhanced Triple Diamond machines. Triple Diamond editions include three, five and nine line models. The Triple Diamond Deluxe slot machine has a nudge feature to increase the thrill of play.

Find a Vendor for Triple Diamond Slot Machines

All Triple Diamond slot machines leave the casino floor well used. Once purchased from a broker, it is up to the vendor to restore the Triple Diamond to its original glory. Gamblers Choice doesn't trust this important task to someone they don't know. All of the Triple Diamond machines at Gamblers Choice are rehabilitated by an in-house technician. Once a Triple Diamond slot machine leaves Gamblers Choice and travels to your house, it will be supported by the same team of trained technicians.

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