Triple Cash Slot Machines

IGT Triple Cash slot machines are the 16" brothers of the popular Triple Bonanza slot machines. The power of a triple multiplier means a player can haul in thousands of tokens for only a two coin bet. Line up three bonus symbols to win up to nine times the standard jackpot. It's no wonder the colorful Triple Cash slot machines are the mainstay of many casinos.

Triple Cash machines can be the perfect next step if you already own a smaller slot machine. They are also inexpensive enough to be the first slot machine for your game room or business recreation area. The three spinning reels come together in eleven different winning combinations. The square top and slightly lesser weight of the Triple Cash machines allow them to fit into spaces other slot machines may not.

Maintaining Triple Cash Slot Machines

Slot machines are a hearty breed. Cleaning out the coin or bill acceptor will generally keep a Triple Cash machine healthy for years. Should your Triple Cash slot machine ever have more serious problems, Gamblers Choice will be there to walk you through a remedy. In the event that the problem can't be solved over the telephone or via e-mail, mail the troublesome part to Gamblers Choice for in-house repair.

Gamblers Choice stands behind all of its slot machines. Many companies have to send their machines out to be refurbished or repaired. Gamblers Choice has technicians on-site. For more details, continue to peruse this website. If you should have questions, contact Gamblers Choice by telephone at 937-260-1300 or by e-mail at You may also reach a technician through the online contact form by clicking here.