Ten Times Slot Machines

The possibilities of large jackpots and multiple win lines keep ten times pay slot machines at the head of the class on most casino floors. Double ten times pay machines give twice the fun with payouts of thousands of tokens. Now home players can experience the thrill of ten times pay play as casinos begin to relinquish some of these popular slot machines to brokers for resale.

Ten times slot machines continue their long run of popularity largely through their simplicity. They belong to a class of slots known as wild play machines; when a wild symbol lands on the pay line it increases the jackpot value by a specified amount. On a double ten times pay slot machine it is possible, though not probable, for three wild symbols to line up on one line resulting in a golden avalanche of tokens. Be sure to play the maximum number of coins. The difference between the return on playing one token per spin and the maximum allowed number of tokens can quite literally be a fortune.

Ten Times Slot Machines for the Game Room

Ten times slot machines for sale to the public were a scarce commodity for many years. With their classic casino look and big jackpots, casino regulars and newcomers alike gravitated to them. In recent years, a greater number have been pulled off the casino floors and released to brokers. They are also less expensive than many of the antique machines and the new, more complicated mechanisms. As a result, ten times pay slot machines make good long-term investments for the individual owner.

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