Table Top Slot Machines

Collectors covet vintage table top slot machines. They quickly become conversation pieces for any game room. In addition, a fully remanufactured antique table top slot machine offers years of gaming fun. Table top machines fit into places that many full size slot machines can't, making them perfect for offices and other multi-purpose rooms.

Classic Mills slot machines are among the most highly prized table top machines. The Mills War Eagle, first manufactured in 1931, contained 8,000 winning combinations; previously, slot machines were capable of only 1,000 combinations. Mills also designed the Golden Nugget slot machine for the Las Vegas casino of the same name.

Distinguishing Features of Vintage Table Top Slot Machines

Many vintage table top slot machines operate on quarters, dimes, nickels and even pennies. Classic machines rely on bright colors and bold case designs for their aesthetic appeal. Beaux arts, art deco and art nouveau motifs run throughout many lines. You can sometimes find antique slot machines in stores but they are rarely in working condition. Gamblers Choice remanufactures vintage machines to their original company specifications for both appearance and function.

The stock of antique slot machines currently available at Gamblers Choice can be viewed by clicking here. Each machine is in working order and has been recrafted with new nickel or gold plating. If possible, Gamblers Choice will work with you to adapt the coin acceptor to use the coin denomination of your choice. Gamblers Choice backs its antique table top slot machines with the same service and support as its other machines. For additional information, call Gamblers Choice at 937-260-1300 or e-mail You can also use the company's online contact form by clicking here.