Slot Machine Tokens

Slot machines can ring up jackpots whether they are played with coins or tokens. Using slot machine tokens, however, heightens the verisimilitude of the home casino experience, making a home machine look, feel, and sound more like a real casino slot machine. The heft of tokens, their shiny finish, and the tinkling sound they make as they hit the pan--these all multiply the satisfaction of beating the game. Playing with tokens also turns home slot machines into games rather than gambling devices.

Tokens can be bought at many places. The only criteria for tokens is that they adhere to industry standards of size and weight. Having slot machine tokens that don't meet these standards can interfere with the play of the game. Faulty tokens may also decrease the life span of your slot machine.

Increase Your Fun by Playing with Slot Machine Tokens

Gamblers Choice sells quarter-size tokens and dollar-size tokens. All purchases from Gamblers Choice are backed by the company's undisputed quality and customer service. Gamblers Choice sells tokens that are properly sized and weighted to run fluidly through your slot machine. If a token gets caught in your machine or if you have any token-related slot machine problems, call Gamblers Choice to get help with your problem, 24 hours a day.

Your slot machine represents a hefty investment. Playing it with tokens will help you enjoy your slot machine to the fullest extent. Browse the selection of tokens at Gamblers Choice, a company that stands behind its products with old-fashioned customer service. You may reach them via email at or on the telephone at 937-260-1300. If you prefer to use the company's online contact form, just click here.