Sizzling 7 Slot Machines

With the sheer number of slot machines throughout hotels and casinos and even the Las Vegas airport, it can be hard to resist putting in your spare change and trying your luck. If you hit the jackpot on a Sizzling 7 slot machine on your last trip to Vegas, you might have good reason to want to buy the same model machine to have in your home. You can play the machine whenever you like with no risk, and visitors can enjoy it, too.

Sizzling 7 slot machines are available in both roundtop cabinets and squaretop cabinets. In different casinos, you may also see Sizzling 7 slot machines in different colors; while black or white cabinets are the most common, other cabinet colors are available. Regardless of the shape and color of the Sizzling 7 slot machine that you choose, you'll be able to use quarters, quarter tokens, or dollar bills to play your slot machine.

Refurbished Sizzling 7 Slot Machines and Other Models

Gamblers Choice maintains a steady supply of slot machines that you can purchase. These machines have all been repaired and restored to working condition, so you won't be able to tell the difference between a slot machine in the casino and the one that you own. The same people who repaired your slot machine are also available to answer questions you might have about your machine whenever they arise.

If you're setting up an entire rec room, you will also find video poker machines and bonus slot machines at Gamblers Choice. The same commitment to customer satisfaction and service comes with all of their machines. To learn more about the gambling machines that they have in stock, call 937-260-1300, or send a message to or today.