Keno Slot Machines

Keno is a casino game very similar to bingo, where players select anywhere from one to 20 different numbers from one through 80. The casino then pulls 20 numbers at random from a bingo ball cage, and players are paid out based on the amount of their initial wager and how many of numbers they selected were pulled out by the casino. While most casino games only provide the house with a slight advantage, Keno actually provides casinos with the greatest advantage.

If you do not have the patience to wait for the casino to go through multiple games of Keno, an alternative is to play Keno on video slot machines. Some of these machines include a variety of games like poker, blackjack, and Keno. These video slot machines, usually let you play traditional slot machine games, too.

Bring Keno Slot Machines to Your Home or Office

Gamblers Choice gives you the ability to bring a Keno slot machine into your home or office. If you want to have different games from which to choose, a single Keno slot machine is a good choice. In addition to offering savings compared to purchasing many separate slot machines, these slot machines also save you valuable floor space.

You'll find models like the Game King, which has three different Keno games, in their inventory. They also stock Cherry Master slot machines, which have more than 100 game boards from which to choose. To find out more about these particular models, contact their staff at 937-260-1300,, or