Hot Peppers Slot Machines

Slot machines started out as simple gaming devices, often being played with no more than a penny and dispersing candy to winners. Today, you'll find banks of slot machines of many different kinds in casinos, ranging from three reel slot machines to multi-game video machines. Among the different styles that you'll often find are Wild Cherry, Red White and Blue, Go Bananas, and Hot Peppers slot machines

Hot Peppers slot machines are available in both square top and round top designs. Both styles include a single payout line and three reels, and feature brilliant chrome trim. You can also choose to play by simply pressing a button or pulling the handle on the Hot Peppers slot machines.

High Potential Payoffs from Hot Peppers Slot Machines

There is an incentive to play multiple coins on Hot Peppers slot machines. The maximum payout is achieved if each of the three reels lands on a seven with a red hot pepper. While this will payout 1,000 coins for spins using just one quarter or token, the payout is five times greater for playing just two quarters. With the convenience of a bill acceptor, you can easily store credits on Hot Peppers slot machines.

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