Haywire Slot Machines

Haywire slot machines are three reel slot machines manufactured by IGT. The original version of Haywire slot machines is available in both square top and round top. While the square top design only lets you play two credits at a time, the round top design lets you play up to three credits on a single spin.

The next generation of Haywire slot machines from IGT was the Double Jackpot Haywire slot machine. As the name implies, the slot machine has the tendency to go haywire and dispense winnings that differ from their stated payouts. This "dysfunction," however, is built into the slot machine and occurs in the players' favor.

Winning from Haywire Slot Machines

There are eight winning combinations on Double Jackpot Haywire slot machines. If the double jackpot symbol turns up on your spin, you may reap even greater rewards. With the multiplier structure, the Double Jackpot Haywire slot machines is particularly appealing and should be played with the maximum number of coins to get the highest possible payout.

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