Haywire Slot Machines For Sale

While many casino games need to be played with others, slot machines let you try your luck against pure chance. Depending on the percentage chip governing the slot machine's payout structure, you stand a good chance to win on any given spin. You can find slot machines that accept coins ranging from nickels through dollars, so you can gamble as much or as little as you like.

Like many other slot machines for sale, Haywire slot machines encourage players to play multiple coins on a single spin. Square top Haywire slot machines allow players to use one or two quarter credits on each spin. For some of the lower payouts, doubling your bet simply doubles your payout.

Getting Lucky on Haywire Slot Machines for Sale

If you are lucky enough to hit the one of the two largest payouts on the Haywire slot machines, hopefully you have bet two credits. While one credit will pay out either 100x or 500x , two credits will give you a payout three times larger than that. If you are playing a round top Haywire slot machine, you can play up to three credits.

In addition to having both square top and round top Haywire slot machines for sale, Gamblers Choice has additional slot machines in their inventory. They also carry multi-game video machines and video slot machines with bonus games for sale. To find out what slot machines they currently have for sale, call them today at 937-260-1300, or contact them online at or