Game King Slot Machines

Game King slot machines from IGT are known for being at the forefront of multimedia slots. With their enhanced digital sound and thumping subwoofers, for example, they can offer an exciting and immersive experience. Their high-resolution graphics make their fun themes jump to life, and also make instructions and graphics easy to read.

Many people also like their touchscreens, though they offer touchscreen and button panel combinations for those who do not. In addition, Game King slot machines are also known for their remarkable speed of play--if you like to get into a rhythm and play lots of slots, these may be the machines for you. If you like tongue-in-cheek themes like "The House of the Dead Ex" or "Dam Lumberjack Beavers," Game King has a plethora!

The Security of Game King Slot Machines for Your Business

If you are going to keep slot machines in your business for profit, you will also appreciate the state-of-the-art security features on Game King slot machines. For example, unlike many machines, there are high security bill collectors and tamper-proof hard meters that you can read externally. Daily operations are also facilitated with a separate cash storing compartment that you can access without opening the whole machine door.

Game King slot machines are also available in a number of different sizes, with different sizes of monitors. Whether you want to put a smaller machine on a tabletop or you have dedicated floor space for impressive top-of-the-line models, Game King likely has an appropriate size for you. Contact Gamblers Choice at 937-260-1300,, or to find out about used Game King slot machines that you can purchase.