Double Diamond Slot Machines

Double Diamond slot machines from IGT are a popular line that you'll still frequently find in casinos. As newer and more sophisticated slot machines become available to casinos, casinos will replace their Double Diamond machines. While slot machines directly from the manufacturer are available exclusively to casinos, you can buy refurbished slot machines after casinos decide to replace them.

The Double Diamond slot machine boasts many characteristics of traditional slot machines. You'll still find a pull arm, which has been removed from many newer models. For more rapid play, however, you can use buttons on the faces of the machines to spin the reels.

Benefits of Double Diamond Slot Machines

Double Diamond Deluxe Bonus Wheel slot machines include a bill acceptor, so you can play with anything from a quarter up to a hundred dollar bill. With a single payline, it's easy to know if you've won on your spin or not. The Double Diamond machines also clearly show the payouts from different spins, depending on how many coins you put into the slot machine.

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