Casino Slot Machines

Also referred to as "one arm bandits," casino slot machines are incredibly popular with both serious and casual gamblers. Unlike card games like blackjack and poker, once you know which lines on the slot machines pay out, it's easy to play and you don't have to worry about what other people may be doing. In casinos, you'll find banks of slot machines in the middle of the floor, as well as on the periphery, tempting you to take one more spin on your way out of the casino.

Another reason for the popularity of slot machines in casinos is that each play is fairly cheap. While some players can easily lose $20 or $50 dollars on one hand of blackjack, the denominations for slot machines are substantially less. Throughout the casino, you can find slot machines and video poker machines that cost a nickel or quarter to play.

Add Casino Slot Machines to Your Home

If you'd like to take the fun of a slot machine home with you, you can purchase casino slot machines that have been retired. While the most common reason for a machine being retired is that it is defective, skilled technicians can repair the working parts. They can also repair the cabinet to give it the same look that it had in the casino.

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