Buy Slot Machines

Though the increasing presence of poker on television and the Internet shows that it is an extremely popular casino game, walking into any casino in the world shows that slots still rule. Since they are easy to play, cheap to play, and stay entertaining for hours, slot machines are inviting for both professional gamblers and visitors to a casino. Though it can be great fun to have your own slots, there are a few things to consider before you buy your own slot machines.

Any slot machines available for private sale are, on average, four to nine years old. When you're ready to buy slot machines, find a dealer who completely refurbishes their slots. A complete refurbishing will include the replacement of the mechanical parts, a full cleaning, light bulb change, and replacement of any damaged glass or reel strips.

Be Cautious before You Buy Slot Machines

When buying slot machines, be wary of any dealer selling the slots "as is." Even if a machine has seen limited casino play, it's likely to have had over a million coins run through it and will require a tune up before playing like new. Research the dealers before you shop--find out if they have refurbished the machines themselves and if they employ their own technical staff. Remember, slot machines have delicate mechanics and computerized boards inside which require expert servicing.

A respectable dealer is Gamblers Choice, who puts each of their slot machines through a 35 point refurbishing process. Their friendly and knowledge staff offers free tech support on your machine and they guarantee a one-year warranty on all slot machines they sell. When you're ready to buy, give them a call at 937-260-1300, send an email to, or contact them at