Buy Refurbished Slot Machines

The thrill of a night in the casino is something that many people would like to replicate at home for parties and for fun. While professional-level tables for poker and other games of chance are readily available, the sale of new slot machines is heavily regulated. The best option for the private consumer is to buy refurbished slot machines which have been retired from casino play.

Consumers looking to buy refurbished slot machines may be afraid that they are getting old or run-down machines. The truth of the matter, however, is that it's almost impossible to tell a new slot machine from a refurbished one when professionals have done the job. Slot machines often have short runs on the casino floors, as machines are shuffled in and out in favor of newer titles, and are consequently put up for sale after relatively little play.

Buy Refurbished Slot Machines from Reliable Dealers

A good slot machine dealer such as Gamblers Choice will completely refurbish slot machines, making them "like new." Pull-arm mechanisms are replaced, new light bulbs will be installed in the candle, and any scratched or broken glass and reel strips will be fixed. When the technicians are done, you will be getting a pristine machine at a fraction of the cost that the casino paid.

Gamblers Choice provides a one-year warranty on all refurbished slot machines you buy from them. Their experienced and friendly staff will provide you with free tech support over the phone any time should any problems arise with your slot machine. If you're interested in bringing casino-level slot action to your home, give them a call at 937-260-1300, write to, or send your question through their online contact form at to learn more.