Buy Casino Slot Machines

Something few people know is that private users cannot buy new casino slot machines. They are only sold to casinos. Periodically, however, casinos retire some of their slot machines and sell them to vendors who have the option to repair, refurbish, and resell them.

Used casino slot machines, when refurbished by experts, will look and play as well as they did when they were new. Better still, you can get them for a fraction of the prices that casinos have to pay for them, and in whatever quantity you desire. Chances are if you have a favorite slot machine at the Bellagio in Vegas or the Borgata in Atlantic City, you can buy it used to enjoy at home and entertain guests at parties.

Buy Casino Slot Machines from Reputable Dealers

Not all used casino slot machine dealers are the same. Many have huge showrooms, but this only means one thing: their prices go up. To compensate, they quote low prices, but then the slot machines actually cost a lot more when you add the "optional" features like bill acceptors that any experienced gamer will tell you are a necessity for enjoyable play.

Gamblers Choice doesn't maintain a large stock, but they can buy all of the popular brands like IGT and Game King at almost any time. They repair each machine themselves--in fact, they are often hired by other resellers to repair their machines, as well! If you want to buy casino slot machines from the no-nonsense experts, call Gamblers Choice today at 937-260-1300, send an email to, or inquire through the company's online contact form at